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Pictured: Donna Harris-Director, Johnny Keys-Commissioner of Education, Mark Gotcher-Assistant Commissioner, Deborah Coffman-Chief of Staff for Dept. of Ed., Angelia Carlton, Teacher Center Coordinator, Bryan Duffie-Supt. Westside Consolidated, Pat Rawlings-Maynard Supt., Greg Crabtree-Hillcrest Supt., Clifford Rorex-Sloan-Hendrix Supt., Debbie Smith-Paragould Supt.,Terry Belcher-Lawrence County Supt., Charlie Powell-Piggott Supt., Tim Gardner-Marmaduke Supt., Johnny Fowler-Rector Supt., Gene Weeks-Green Co. Tech Supt., and Radius Baker-Hoxie Supt. Not pictured – Daryl Blaxton-Pocahontas Supt.

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