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The Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) program was created in 1991 to offer high quality early education services to children birth to five exhibiting developmental and socioeconomic risk factors. In 2003, the Arkansas General Assembly made a commitment to expand early childhood education funding to serve low-income three and four-year old children with high quality pre-K services. This expansion, known as Arkansas Better Chance for School Success (ABCSS), program offers free preschool to children ages 3 and 4 with qualifying household incomes. They must be 3 or 4 by August 1st. ABCSS has become the state pre-kindergarten program.

The Northeast Arkansas Education Cooperative Early Childhood Program provides special education services for children with disabilities ages three to five. The services are offered in accordance with the Individual with Disabilities Education Act, 1997 (IDEA) on behalf of the public schools. Learn more about Special Education Services here.

Mission Statement:
As good stewards of the public trust Northeast Arkansas Education Cooperative Early Childhood ABC Programs will support and advise the Division by ensuring that all Arkansas Children and families have access to a safe, high-quality, developmentally appropriate (nurturing learning) environment (and) by educating and assisting parents, families, child care providers, and communities to prepare our children for future success.

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