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Live-Scan Fingerprinting

Livescan Finger-Printing is a service for School Districts provided by the NEA Education Cooperative.

Finger-Printing is available by appointment only.
Hours are Monday-Thursday, 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00.  Please call Mary Horton at (870)886-7717 to schedule an appointment.

Live-Scan Fingerprinting Procedures


1. All fingerprinting fees ($38.25) must be paid prior to appointment online at     (Click on link). You will need a verification code from your from your employer to start this process.  You must bring a copy of the receipt with the transaction code to your appointment.  This code will expire 14 days after payment is made – PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENT PRIOR TO PAYING FEE. 

2.  Background Check Consent Form/Fingerprinting Request Form: (click on link):  Form MUST be completed online, printed, and brought to Fingerprinting appointment. 

License Renewal Procedure