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Travel Guidelines 2017

Perkins Consortium Travel Expenditure Guidelines

Updated 9/2017

All travel must follow the most restrictive rule whether that is Federal, State, or Co-op policy. All travel must be pre-approved.  Perkins funding cannot be used for the required 60 hours of professional development.


In state:

  • Reimbursement will be up to $40.00 per day for overnight stays. 
    • Only dinner is reimbursed on first day of travel up to $40.00- you must be at your destination or nearby.
    • Only breakfast and lunch are reimbursed on last day of travel up to $40.00
    • No per diem rate
    • No reimbursement without receipt
      • Credit card receipts are not acceptable
      • Receipts must be itemized with meal, date, and vendor
      • Tips are not allowed unless electronically added to the receipt by the restaurant
      • No alcohol or incidentals will be reimbursed 
  • No snack/dessert receipts or grocery store receipts will be reimbursed.

 Out of State:

  • Receipts are reimbursed up to the rate for that destination.  


  • Reimbursement for lodging is limited to the rates. 
  • No prior nights lodging will be reimbursed if a meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.
  • The conference rate is not necessarily the lowest.  Please ask for “state” rate when reserving.
  • If a nights lodging exceeds the gsa rate, approval must be granted by the CTE Coordinator prior to the travel.
    • A letter will be required stating the reasons for using a hotel above the gsa rate.
      • You must show how you are saving the federal government money by staying in the chosen hotel.


Reimbursement for out of state travel will be the lesser of coach class airfare OR the established rate of private car mileage, based on map mileage (  Train transportation may be taken under the same guidelines.

By Car: 

  • Private vehicles will be reimbursed according to the school’s policy not to exceed .42 per mile
  • If a school vehicle is taken, the school will be reimbursed for the actual gasoline receipt amount
    • If students are present in the school vehicle, the gas tickets will be prorated to provide only the teacher’s transportation
    • School vehicles are not reimbursed per mile due to federal restrictions on supplanting (providing federal funds when state funds are used to maintain) 
    • Parking receipts are allowable

By Plane: 

  • Coach Class airfare and baggage (one bag only) checked on each departure.  Insurance or other amenities will not be reimbursed (ex. Leg room fee).

Rental Vehicles/Shuttles/Taxis

  • No rental vehicles
  • Taxis will be reimbursed to and from the airport only.  Must have receipts
  • Airport shuttle should be utilized.
    • Must have all receipts before reimbursement can be made.

Procedure for Reimbursement

  • Print and complete “Request for Reimbursement” form from
  • Attach receipts to form and send to your school’s bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper will ask CTE coordinator for reimbursement
  • BOOKKEEPERS:  Requests for reimbursement is expected in a timely manner.  If request is not made within two months of travel, it will be assumed the travel did not take place.  Funds will be moved to other activities.

Travel that occurs between two fiscal years may have different rules of payment of travel expenses.  Please see coordinator.