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Sharon Miller

Gifted and Talented Advance Placement

Services Provided

                ADE Required Training:                

  • Secondary Course Content
  • Pre-AP College Board Training
  • AP Coordinator Training
  • GT Coordinator Training


Student Activities provided              

        by Cooperative                              

  • Elementary Quiz Bowl
  • Junior and Senior High Quiz Bowl
  • Elementary Chess
  • Junior and Senior High Chess
  • Business Expo
  • Wax Museum Project
  • Lip Sync Project
  • Story Store
  • Project Fair


Other Training determined

    By needs/request

  • K-3 Curriculum Enrichment
  • Differentiation
  • Gifted Identification
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Emotional Poverty
  • Odyssey of the Mind Support
  • Questioning
  • Emotional Poverty
  • Project Base Learning

Sharon Miller

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School Phone:
870-886-7717ext 1321